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  • Computer Engineering
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I worked on adding new features to GitHub Classroom and developed a new Electron app called GitHub Classroom-Desktop! Classroom-Desktop allows teachers to locally clone student assignments with the click of a button. In the process of developing Classroom-Desktop, I also got to tackle a lot of fun challenges such as developing a token authenticated API for Classroom and adding support for temporary cloning tokens for repositories to the GitHub REST and GraphQL APIs.

Favorite Internship Memory

A particularly fond memory I have is replicating the classic Microsoft acquisition picture. One evening on my commute back I decided that it would be a great idea to try and replicate the picture for my Instagram feed, so the next day I got Ben and Troy (both interns) onboard with the plan, here’s the result:

This internship was absolutely amazing because of the culture and general enthusiasm of everyone at GitHub. All the Hubbers here are super encouraging and are always willing to help with any questions you have. Also having dogs in the office is the best thing ever 🐶

Favorite Dog

Big Sur ❤️