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I worked on Classroom this summer 🏖 !!! I’ve started to say that I was a Maintainer on GitHub Classroom as a short description because it summarizes everything 😄 . One of the big things I worked on this summer for Classroom is repository initialization for assignment repos. If you’re not familiar with Classroom yet, check it out!!! Anyways Repository Initialization enables teachers to preset issues and labels for their student’s assignment repos. It’s an ongoing thing, so there would be a lot of new things supported under repository initialization in the future.

Favorite Internship Memory

The highlight or favorite memory of the summer for me was when we were trying to figure out whether to go with a git branch or subfolder for repository initializations configuration files. I remember John going to the wall and started going over git internals. I was enlightened! I felt like I finally truly get git (obviously there’s still a lot to learn in regards to git, but it makes sense now (a little)).

Favorite Dog

Why not all of them? 😊