• Application Engineering Intern
  • Computer Science
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This summer, I was fortunate to work across a variety of projects and technologies, which allowed me to grow my skills and toolset far beyond what I’d imagined possible. To begin the summer, I worked with Fredrick and Sarah to create the dependencies graph, which allows users to see the packages that their repository depends on, without having to fumble around in project files to find relevant data. Once this feature was complete, I was able to work on permissions features for GitHub and GitHub for business, which allowed administrators to turn off the ability to change repo visibility. I was able to finish these projects with several weeks to spare near the end of my time here, and so I was taken under the wing of the Electron team, where I work to help review pull requests, triage issues, and add features to the developer API.

Favorite Internship Memory

There are so many to choose from that it all seems to coalesce into a blur, but I most cherished the friendships I developed over the weeks I was here and how genuinely happy I was to be at work each and every day. Abou halfway through the summer, a handful of us were working in a meeting room on our various projects, and we’d hit a bit of a snag. Suddently, someone started rapping, and then we were all laughing and singing about our code problems in this little meeting room. This was also how was found out that the walls of the meeting rooms were not entirely soundproof ¯\(ツ)/¯.

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