• Application Engineering Intern
  • Computer Science & Comparative Media Studies
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This summer I got to work on the Identity sub-team on the Application Engineering Team. The main project the two other Identity interns (s/o to Shelley and Fredrick) and I took on involved building out a way for users to view the dependencies of various projects in their repositories, as well as a dependency’s requirements information and it’s subdependencies. Cool stuff ✨! I also got to dabble on another project that involved enabling SSO for SSH keys on GitHub Enterprise. When I wasn’t working on these projects, I was learning how to dig through the GitHub codebase and fix fun bugs. :)

Favorite Internship Memory

Wow, so many to pick from! I think the one I’ll talk about is when we went to a Giants game. Here’s the point where I confess that I actually do not care for baseball one bit. However, it was a ton of fun hanging out with all the interns in the really nice suite our intern program coordinator/Queen Lisa hooked up for us. Dope food, dope interns, and a fun time yelling about how “into” “sportsball” we were. 🎉

Favorite Dog

Marley!!! So precious, so fashionable, and has the best instagram.