• Application Engineering Intern
  • Computer Science
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I worked with Saundra, Bryan, and Lexi to build a feature that allows you to embed code snippets in Issues and Pull Requests. I mostly worked on the backend. This project was great because it taught me about the process of taking a feature from a concept to a shippable final product. It was valuable for me to learn about the challenges and excitement of developing real, user-facing software with a large team.

Favorite Internship Memory

Shipping our feature to all GitHub users was a fun and rewarding moment. The actual release was slightly anticlimactic, but it was a real joy to be surrounded by my teammates, joking around, talking about the Bachelorette, monitoring Haystack for errors, slowly releasing our hard work to the public. Afterwards we celebrated with some delicious cookies!

Favorite Dog

Marley - because we’re hairstyle twins!