• Application Engineering Intern
  • Computer Science & Biopsychology
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I worked on team Workflow Party Corgis to design and implement the new Embedded Code Snippets feature! Through this project, I got to work with so many different departments in the “real world” of software engineering, from Product Design, to Platform Interface, to Data Analytics, to Documentation, to Marketing, and more! To read more about the process, check my website for blog posts…eventually 😆

Favorite Internship Memory

There was one afternoon where I was sitting on the roof at GitHub HQ, sipping tea, programming, looking out at the bay, hanging out in the sunshine, and chilling with Scout, all at the same time. That was absolute paradise.

Favorite Dog

Although I love all of them (even the ones who don’t love me back…I’m looking at you, Wolfie), my favorite dog is undoubtably Scout. We met the very first day of my internship, and the very first thing I learned is that Scout likes laps. I sat down cross-legged, and sure enough, Scout immediately plopped down on top. He is the goodest boy, and I have loved him ever since ❤️