• Developer Evangelist Intern
  • Software Engineering
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This summer I got to build the open source clubs πŸ’œ module training for GitHub Campus Experts🚩. Going from being a campus expert to getting to work on and contribute to the content was an incredible adventure. I love knowing my work is going to help students everywhere become better leaders in technology.

Favorite Internship Memory

My favorite memory is tied between two significant experiences. First up was taking a mini road trip with part of the Education team. The road trip consisted of John πŸš—, Joe πŸ’–, Wilhelm πŸ₯‘, and myself. We drove from Philadelphia to HackCon in East Stroudsburg. It was an absolute blast! Second up was having the SVP Technology join us for our Field Day β˜‚οΈ at HQ where we got to engage in a conversation with current student leaders.

Favorite Dog

Scout and Pierre… with bow ties specifically πŸŽ€.