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I wrote “State of the Octoverse 2017”, an annual data report about what the GitHub community has been up to. Taking the lead on the project allowed me to decide what metrics to include and the type of story to tell in a public facing report. It was a great way to use analytics and data visualizations to publish insights about the software community at large. It’ll be shipped during Universe 2017 – check it out if you want to learn about all the amazing things that people have done on / with GitHub in the past year!

Favorite Internship Memory

On the analytics team, we host office hours every week in one of the meeting rooms. During one of our office hours, an excited golden retriever came running through the door and under the table. Even though he didn’t ask any useful questions about data, he was definitely a wonderful guest.

Favorite Dog

Groot, who is a big boy and worked next to me once.