• Application Security Intern
  • Computer Science
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I’ve spent the summer working on Application Security at GitHub. This position involves work ranging from security code review to tuning up our internal static analysis stack. I’ve touched all different kinds of projects including, some internal apps, and Atom. I’ve also gotten to contribute to open source projects we rely on, like probot and secureheaders.

Favorite Internship Memory

My favorite moment of the internship was sitting with 5 other interns in the tactile dome at the exploratorium. We sat in a pit of beans in total darkness and sang along to Closer by the Chainsmokers. The entire offsite was really fun but that moment was especially cool because everyone bought in to just experiencing this weird sensory deprivation and just hanging with a pretty random group out of our class, made up of people who we might not have interacted with much otherwise.

Favorite Dog

Scout. He is the goodest boy.