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  • Community and Safety Engineering Intern
  • Computer Science and Studio Art
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I worked on a series of open source probot GitHub Apps, called behaviorbot 🤖 focused on helping open source maintainers build, grow, and maintain their open source communities, addressing several problems identified in the open source survey. I spent the last few weeks working on bugs 🐛 on GitHub itself, so it was a great balance of open source and internal development.

Favorite Internship Memory

This is really tough to choose. I loved my time here, and it went by way too quickly. One of my favorite moments was when I convinced my whole team to get fidget spinners, even the remote folks. So during our video standup, 7 out of 8 of us all had fidget spinners going. That was a pretty iconic millennial moment for me. Not an individual moment, but a great part of working here was how willing everyone was to work with me and take time to help mentor me. ✨ This was especially cool because some of them were people I looked up to before coming to GitHub. 💖

Favorite Dog

Tie between Scout and Marley 🐶