• Legal Intern - Privacy / Employment & Corporate Compliance
  • Intellectual Property / Startup & Venture Capital Law
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I’m currently working on a hush-hush employment project launching sometime in Fall 2016 that will hopefully leave a lasting impact on the company long after my internship ends. Also, getting to research privacy laws and requirements in international jurisdictions, and helping craft concrete policies in a fast-paced, ever changing climate in data privacy regulation.

The mentors I’ve gained during my internship have helped shaped the course of my career. Working for a company that values individuality, initiative, and collaboration has changed my perspective on how the law works in a growing business. 10 weeks seems like a very short amount of time to accomplish anything but the projects I’ve worked on have helped me grow immensely both personally and professionally. This was an experience that is truly unique to GitHub.

Favorite Internship Memory

Blowing off some steam at the Giants game with my fellow interns and the fearless leaders who make our internship super awesome!

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