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I think the group application engineering intern project would have to be my favorite. We were given the task of making the suggester for users, teams, issues, and emojis better, faster, and smarter. I thought it was really cool because we were able to make a real impact on the company. Learning how to navigate a large codebase, collaborating with others, and shipping features to the public were all major 🔑 . I’ve never had a software engineering related internship before, so this was the first time I’ve ever had this experience. I really loved how much all of the other GitHubbers were willing to help by giving feedback and pairing ❤️.

Favorite Internship Memory

I loved working on the intern gift for our CEO Chris Wanstrath (a.k.a. defunkt)! When pretty much everyone was at the 2016 summit, on vacation, or working remotely, the interns decided to create a beautiful piece of art for the office: an edited photo of Led Zeppelin where Robert Plant’s face is replaced with defunkt’s. We had a large print made, framed it, and left the gift on his desk. It now hangs in the stairwell 😎.

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