• Application Engineering Intern
  • Electrical & Computer Engineering and Computer Science
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I loved working on everything from minor bugs on to our main project, in which we improved GitHub’s suggestion algorithm. I had an incredible team, which made both picking up new projects and pairing on major work feel natural and consistently engaging. One of the most fun moments was when I fixed a bug someone had reported to our Halp boards and they responded thanking me for fixing it! Before GitHub, I’d never had a software development internship. Any software work I did for (admittedly, low-level) classes at school was often very cut-and-dry, and if we didn’t start from scratch, we were given clear guidelines as to where to go. At GitHub, I was given the opportunity to jump into a giant existing codebase and read code written by some amazing developers who worked on my very same floor. Being able to learn in this fast-paced and super immersive environment made me feel ready for a career in software development.

Favorite Internship Memory

I had so much fun every time all the interns got together as a group. Whether we were spending the day at the Computer History Museum or taking silly Snapchats over another hour-long lunch, the fourteen other interns I spent my summer with made every day a hilarious new adventure.

Favorite Dog

None of them.