• Application Engineering Intern
  • Computer Science
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I enjoyed fixing bugs related to the GitHub website and my intern project. Our assignment was to make the suggester feature more personalized, efficient, and smarter. I had three great teammates whom I enjoyed seeing and working with everyday. My manager and everyone else at GitHub were always helpful when I had questions. I learned so much this summer and believe that this experience has made me a better software developer. Our manager gave us space to make our own decisions about the direction of our project. It was interesting to see it go from a plan on a whiteboard to a completed feature shipped to millions of GitHub users.

Favorite Internship Memory

My favorite memory is attending a Giants game with the other interns. While I still remain a loyal Red Sox fan, I loved going and cheering on the home team. It was a great way to bond with the other interns and they even gave us free food. Yum!

Favorite Dog