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Interning on the Education team, the nature of my work was exciting and fast paced. During my internship I wrote a technical blog post, attended a conference where I helped launch the Campus Experts program, and organized a student hackathon at GitHub HQ. My favorite project, however, was building an open-source desktop extension for GitHub Classroom, which allows teachers to manage coursework submitted by their students on the Classroom website. This project gave me a unique opportunity to design and develop an open-source, user-facing application from scratch, all while learning to use cutting edge tools like React and Electron.

Favorite Internship Memory

My favorite memory was during the launch event for the Campus Experts program, at HackCon in Colorado. I will never forget the reaction of the 300 student attendees when they were told in a surprise announcement that they were all getting a free GitHub backpack with other #swag inside to take home.

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