• Legal Intern - Open Source License Ethnography
  • Anthropology (Grad) | Computer Science and Engineering (Undergrad)
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As part of my research project I interviewed over 30 GitHubbers to understand how they used and understood open source licenses. The interviews helped unpack the complexity of the software developer community by revealing how it is that folks from diverse backgrounds position themselves along different dimensions of the “open source” movement(s). I was consistently impressed by the space GitHub makes for peripheral but complementary projects. It is clear GitHub is on to something even if they don’t know what it is yet. It was compelling to hear the CBO use Deleuzian rhizomatic structures to describe the future structural organization of the company.

Favorite Internship Memory

My favorite memory is when the interns stealthily planned for weeks to “drag” me in the slack channel, decided to execute their plan one calm Wednesday afternoon, and failed miserably.

Favorite Dog