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  • Media Studies
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I’ve had the pleasure of working on a variety of projects at GitHub, including creating a partner directory, writing articles for, and working with the events team at conferences. However, my favorite project has been creating the GitHub Snapchat! What I love about GitHub’s culture is that I felt comfortable suggesting an initiative and was given the opportunity to run with it. While I still had to stay on top of my assigned projects, I made time to research, pitch, craft, and eventually run a new social media platform aimed at super-fans and new developers. It has been a fun and creative challenge that truly represents my personality and encapsulates (the beginning of) my time here at GitHub.

Favorite Internship Memory

This is a hard one because there’s been so many! I would say my favorite memories are from the daily interactions on the intern Slack, deep conversations over lunch or laughing so hard I’d cry when we’d hangout after work. I’ve made not only incredible memories but lifelong friends with these intelligent, hysterical, hard working, creative and genuine group of people.

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