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During my time at GitHub I have been working towards improving the usability and community around our developer website, developer.github.com. Enabling developers to build tools that make their lives, the lives of their teams, or the millions of people using GitHub easier was something that I wanted us to start focusing on more. What was great about being a PM on this project was the diversity of work. One day you could be diving into some data, completing some analysis and the next day fixing bugs and interfacing with design and engineering teams.

A big takeaway for me during this internship was learning how to communicate within a non-conventional company structure. Over 50% of employees at GitHub are remote so people don't always have the luxury of face-to-face communication. Environments like this one encourage you to think more about the clarity of your written communication, whether that be opening an issue about a bug or completing a product proposal. Being more aware about how my written communication is received enabled me to navigate ambiguity better and break problems down into their core ideas.

Favorite Internship Memory

I was fortunate enough to be able to attend CodeConf, one of GitHub’s developer conferences in LA in the first few weeks of the internship. L.A. was amazing, I learned a great deal about the open source and engineering communities, and have memories to last a lifetime, right @NickTikhonov 😏

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