Dear Future Interns of GitHub,

If you’re reading this letter, you’ve made the first step towards gaining the professional experience of a lifetime—at a place that values you—your ideas, creativity, life experiences, and individuality.

We experienced diversity amongst each other, which inspired us to leave a message to the class of 2018 interns—who have yet to apply.

If you are considering applying, do not hesitate to do so. Many of us were scared or believed we were not qualified when first applying due to various societal pressures, such as imposter syndrome, educational background, our racial or ethnic backgrounds, or gender identities, but GitHub has welcomed and supported all of us.

Having a wide range of opinions and backgrounds when collaborating with each other made us stronger. Half of our intern class identified as non-white, and 39% are non-men identifying. We had interns in all stages of undergrad, as well as several pursuing masters degrees, PhDs and other various forms of higher education. We had interns from various educational backgrounds such as community college, universities of all tiers, and 5 students from international universities.

Several of us were empowered and inspired to see people who looked like us at GitHub succeeding in careers that we want to pursue.

We are proud to have been part of such a unique and diverse cohort of people from various backgrounds. We had fantastic bonding experiences and participated in many projects and events that fostered our growth as a community and as rising stars in our various crafts within the tech ecosystem.

There is a resounding sense of inclusion and acceptance built into the company culture that was amazing to be a part of. We’re proud to leave GitHub knowing that they continue to partner with several organizations that promote the growth of historically underrepresented groups in tech and hires interns through several of these organizations, such as CODE2040 and Out for Undergrad.

We are grateful to GitHub for giving us such an amazing opportunity to learn and grow, and wish the best of luck to those who come after us.

Love 💖,

The Intern Class of 2017

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