Dear Future Interns of GitHub,

If you’re on this page right now, you’re probably considering applying. Don’t hesitate! Many of us did and believed we weren’t qualified enough, for whatever reasons (imposter syndrome is real). Yet, GitHub has welcomed and supported us and not only as employees but also as individuals.

Due to the amazing efforts of the HR team at GitHub, our intern class included a variety of talented, intelligent and fun individuals with all types of unique backgrounds, identities and experiences. We had an extremely diverse group of interns, with people from countries including India, Canada and Mexico, in all stages of their educational journey, from undergrad to PhD.

Because GitHub creates products for developers, a lot of us thought GitHub only had engineering interns: that wasn’t further from the truth. Interns worked in so many different areas, from design to marketing to customer success. But that didn’t stop us from getting close to one another and making lifelong friendships.

We had some amazing experiences together, like hanging out at multiple rooftop parties, belting out jams at Intern Karaoke Night, cheering for the Raptors basketball team (against the wishes of nearly every other employee in the office), and even hiking for three hours from north of the Golden Gate Bridge. Everything we did together wasn’t always at the office, but GitHub has brought us together and made us feel like family from day one.

Besides all the activities and hang outs, we also got to work on some really cool and impactful projects. Interns built everything from localization tools to help people learn code around the world to GitHub Enterprise advertisements on LinkedIn to added functionality that helps staging labs become more easily accessible. In addition, we had the chance to work on special passion projects such as improving sustainability in the office.

Overall, all of us are grateful to Github for the incredible, limitless opportunities to learn and grow, and we wish the best of luck to those who come after us.

Cheers 💖,

Intern Class of 2019

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