Sean Lee


  • Legal Intern - Open Source Compliance
  • UC Hastings College of the Law
  • Intellectual Property
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Favorite Project

Open source license compliance is one of the major issues the open source community is facing today. I was given the chance to dive straight into this issue. After learning about the intricacies of the different licenses, I drafted up a user-friendly document that showed the developers which licenses could be complied with and how they can be complied with.

Biggest Takeaway

I would have to say that my biggest takeaway from GitHub is experiencing its culture. I didn’t expect GitHub to be this much of an awesome place. There are so many amazing and friendly people working here, except Nala. She never played with me . . . I guess I shouldn’t have expected much from a furry 4-legged creature. Literally, everyone else here is a pleasure to work with including all the interns. I feel like all the interns bonded together very well. But, I wish Nicole would stop taking my bagels.

Favorite Internship Memory

A lot of my favorite memories come from GitHub’s first floor. It was a really fun place where we would eat, chat, and play games like ping pong, pool, and shuffleboard. When Joey, Sherry, and I played pool together the game was always "cut-throat."