Taylor Blau


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Favorite Project

I'm working on experimental file locking support in our open-source Git extension, Git LFS. I'm hoping to make Git and GitHub a more viable option for organizations using other VCS systems, such as Perforce. Getting to bounce between the client and our implementation of the LFS API has been a great experience in working within two distinct mindsets.

Biggest Takeaway

GitHub has taught me not only how to be a better engineer, but a better coworker. Being surrounded by talented engineers who are always willing to lend a hand has improved my programming ability and given me a shining example of what kind of coworker I should be. I feel very lucky to be able to work with such fantastic people who support and encourage me to do my best work.

Favorite Internship Memory

There are too many great moments to choose just one! Thursday lunches at the Boulder office, getting to fly out to HQ are among the ones that stick out to me. My favorite would have to be fitting inside a suitcase and being sent back to Boulder! 👝